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Emilina Lomas
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Hi, thanks for visiting my Medium profile.

I wanted to introduce myself so you have some background on me as an author.

My name is Emilina Lomas, I’m originally from London but have lived in southern California for the past six years. I love being outside in the sun and having a healthy, active lifestyle — and southern California is the best place for that! I live with my husband and our baby girl and a huge fluffy malamute.

At University, I studied a Bachelor’s degree in anthropology, specializing in medical anthropology. This is pretty niche, so for anyone who doesn’t know what this is, it’s essentially the sociality of health and disease. I wrote my dissertation about health trends in the US, specifically the obesity epidemic and food deserts. I then did a Master’s degree in nutrition and public health. For my thesis, I undertook a research study into gut health and how it’s connected to disordered eating habits.

Since University, after a blib working in consulting at Deloitte, I became a health and fitness coach and writer.

It’s cliche to say, but it’s the truth: writing has always been my passion. But when it came to forging a career, becoming a writer wasn’t part of the equation.

It was only when I felt what it was like working in a job that I hated, did I take the steps toward what I enjoyed — writing and health.

Personality-wise, I’m a triple Virgo (sun, rising, moon), INFP, Enneagram type 9 with a type 3 wing. If you don’t know anything about astrology or personality type testing — I’m an introverted hard worker on a good day, and a perfectionist control freak on a bad day.

As a writer, I’m on a mission to demystify health — I can not stand random claims made by people without an understanding of science. That’s my ick. Every claim needs to be backed up with high-quality research, and then, it needs to be simplified so it’s digestible for the Laymen. That’s essentially what you’ll find in my content.

I’m about to publish my first book, “Gut Healthy, Mind Happy,” which summarizes what I found in my Master’s thesis study, plus all the additional learning I have done in my career since then.

I work as a health writer, and am currently writing for Oura Ring. My previous clients include Nike, The NFL, Quest Nutrition, F45, Muscle & Strength, and so many more. You can view my portfolio here.

I also have a Medium publication and weekly newsletter, Science-Backed Wellness. I share summaries of some of the most interesting health, fitness, and personal development research to help people optimize their lives.

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I hope you enjoy and benefit from my content.

Stay in touch,

Emilina x

Emilina Lomas

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